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Long Distance Rangefinding

LRF-500 Long range laser rangefinder modules is a rapidly growing product line in Noptel product portfolio. It comprises several models that are currently in continuous serial production and a growing number of new models providing special features and performance for our system integrator customers. The development of the long distance rangefinding technology has been started at Noptel in the 90’s and is continuing strong. A large number of modules have been delivered ever since for various prominent system integrator companies world-wide.

The key application domains are surveillance, observation, reconnaissance, border and port control, drone & UAV gimbals, naval systems and handheld devices. The rangefinder modules are integrated as open modules without casing into the OEM partners' devices and systems.

High performance distance measurement

LRF-300 rangefinder

Long range laser rangefinder module product line

Long range modules
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